The iPhone 8 Prototype that Apple Has Discarded

So the internet has spent quite a lot of time talking about leaks related to the design of the iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone Edition or Apple iPhone Anniversary. We’ve been also seeing quite a lot of design leaks, prototypes and sample models of the upcoming iPhone 8. And all of them suggests little different design ideology than one another.

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It isn’t really surprising since the hype and rumor mails do tend to heat up a lot before any iPhone launch. And it seems like for the last couple of years the internet has been really curious about what Apple has to offer next in terms of their iPhone (series). And moreover left wanted or disappointed most of the time.

It’s been a while we’ve seen some major innovation or market disrupting technology from Apple. After the demise of late Steve Jobs (Founder & former CEO of Apple). It seems like Apple has lost most of its charm and the uniqueness of doing something highly unpredictable to more obvious and predictable things. Thanks to our Apple’s poor innovation department and some amazing leaksters on the interwebs.

Speaking of leaksters. Thanks to one more such leakster, Benjamin Geskin. We’ve got another leaked story for you. Which could be the future iPhone 8, but couldn’t.

The iPhone 8 Design That Got Discarded?

Benjamin Geskin, one of the most leaked users, has re-posted on Twitter some photos of a supposed prototype iPhone 8. Clearly stating that it was a “prototype”. We know that the Apple R&D engineers at the Cupertino firm have been working on different prototypes. And rumors indicate that this would be one of the designs that got discarded.

Curiously, the images filtered by Benjamin Geskin show us an iPhone 8 inside a box with a strange sticker that acts as a protector. The funny thing is that the protector has the design of a normal iPhone, with the design of the iPhone 6 or iPhone 7.

Apple- iPhone 8 -retail-unit-Steve-Jobs-Apple-iPhone-gaming-camera-wallpapers-iPhone-rumours

However, when removing the protector we see a prototype of the iPhone 8 with an amazing design with white frames around the OLED screen. The prototype does not have a physical home button, but it does have a rather pronounced lower bezel, slightly wider than the side bezels.

The design of this possible prototype of iPhone 8 is completely different to the design of many other leaks. Which usually show us a smartphone with much smaller side bezels. The pity is that in the filtered photos we have not been able to take a look at the back of the terminal, we may see it soon.

Apple- iPhone 8 -protoype-model-deisgn-leaks-iPhone-8-pricing-dummy


It is noteworthy to mention, as we indicated at the beginning of this article. That Apple has been working and testing many different prototypes of the 10th anniversary iPhone. Including one with the fingerprint sensor on the back. Therefore, it is quite normal for us to see other prototypes that have nothing to do with the final design of the device that will present the apple company bite in September (probably) this year 2017.

What do you think about this filtration? Do you think this is a prototype discarded or will be the final design of the iPhone 8?

Source- Cult of Mac

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