Welcome to TekhSquare.com


Hello guys, welcome to TekhSquare.com. The only blog and after-party hangout place for the TekhSquare YouTube channel. The idea behind starting this blog is to go little more beyond the information and tech discussions that we generally do over videos. For example, after a smartphone review, you can come over here to check all the benchmark scores in details, full-sized camera samples, little more in-depth analysis and everything that I might not be able to capture in videos.

With that being said, it will also work as a great place to deliver some quick news. Something that’s not worth making a complete video on. Like few little announcements over the channel, or maybe any tech news and basically everything that I wouldn’t consider making a video on.

And lastly, I can write. Speaking in front of the camera is one thing. But expressing yourself in words is a totally different experience. I am sure here you will get a lot of interesting stories, insights and valuable information to read.

Although I don’t fancy myself as a writer, I used to write for a couple of school magazines during my school summer projects. So if that can give you some idea about my writing skills. Not too good, but not half as bad either.



So, who am I? It’s funny how I wrote 4 paragraphs without even introducing myself. If you came here from my YouTube Channel, most probably you don’t need to care about this part. But still just in case, if you are wondering. Then, my name is Sudipto Chakraborty, I’m 20 years old as of June 2017 (will turn 21 on 29th December 2017). And I am in the first year of my college, studying VFX, Visual Arts, Design & Animation.

So right from the beginning I was and still am a YouTuber. To be precise I made my first video on 3rd October 2009. Which makes it about roughly 8 years of my existence on YouTube. And the channel TekhSquare is just 4 years old now. For sure we’ve come a long way and we have way more to go. But I’d like to think of it as just the mere beginning of it and hope it to flourish and grow from here and be amongst one of the top tech¬†publishers. Although, doing that is quite a task. I am sure we together can achieve this in no time.

Blog Reboot?

So if you have been a reader of TekhSquare.com before you will know that we used to publish quite a lot of content in the past. And had quite a lot of articles at our disposal. Although due to certain issues and the lack of activity on this blog, most of the traffic and content was dead. So what could be a better idea than starting everything fresh off from the start?

Now that I am completely settled with my setup and barely have any obstacles holding me back from producing my content either on the video or the blog side. I can safely say that it is the best time to reboot the blog and start working on it again.

It’s not going to be easy. For sure we will face a lot of problems initially. Especially in a niche where there is such a huge competition and saturation. Tech blogging is one of the most popular blogging niche on the internet today. But that actually gives us the advantage to look at other’s content and experiment with ours.

And with that being said, if you think you are capable enough and want to help us out with providing your content or be a part of our team. You can simply reach out to us at tekhsquare@gmail.com. You can also tip us off with certain news or any media coverage or if you feel like helping us improve our blog by any means, do feel free to drop us an email. We are currently taking interns for content writing & development, social media management, and a camera man. Anyone who is interested in learning about the process of making YouTube videos and want to work with me in my studio can join and drop me a email. Again the email address is tekhsquare@gmail.com.